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Langenes JXJU Foto: Bjørn Hansen


Fartøy type (rigging)Freezer trawler
Bygget (tid/sted)1986, Liaaen, A M Mek. Verksted Norway
Lengde56.00 meter
Bredde12.40 meter
Dybde8.10 meter
TonnageGT: 1345 NT.: 403
Klasse/klassedato + FartsområdeDNV GL, +1A1 Stern trawler, ICE-C. 2013: Class work carried out, hull bottom water-blasted and painted, new zinc anodes fitted. Vessel sandblasted and metalized.
Ombygget2005 New main winches, aux. engine, new factory. 2001 Third winch and vertical freezers installed.
Fart og forbrukService speed abt. 11.5-12.5 knots (abt. 7.5-8.0 m3/day), max. speed 15 knots / Fuel consumption abt. 7500 ltrs/24 hrs. (economic speed).

Maskineri (Type/årstall)

Hovedmotor3.060 BHP, Wärtsilä Vasa, 6R32 Nox, 750 rpm The vessel is equipped with a constant voltage systems with substantial battery backup which was installed in 2010 which makes it possible to drive floating frequency on both the auxiliary engines, from 1500 to 1800 rev / min., and the main engine 625 to 750 rev / min. Overhauled in 04.2017.
Antall timerTotal running hours as per April 2019: 222 984 hrs. Running hours after overhaul as of April 2019: 12 984 hrs.
GearReduction gear: Volda ACG 750
GeneratorerShaft generator Stamford 1900 KVA. Stamford generator 440 V 60 Hz, 1247 Kva.
PropellsystemLiaaen ACG 85/750, controllable pitch, fixed nozzle
Hjelpemotor 11 x Mitsubishi S12R-MPTA, 1100 kW, 1800 rpm. Overhauled 2011. Total running hours as per January 2019: 22 041hrs. Running hours after overhaul as of January 2019: 22 041hrs. Stamford generator 440 V 60 Hz, 1247 Kva
Sidepropell 1Barkemeyer rudder

Annet Maskineri

Styring1 x Tennfjord steering gear


DieselFuel oil: 420 m3
FerskvannFresh water: 25 tons.
Lastekapasitet cbm (ant.tanker)900 m3
Annet kapasitetFontemar fresh water generatror, TCS-5-T2, 5 tons / 24 hr.
1 x fresh water maker (new 2001)


Dekksutstyr2 x 40 ts split trawl winches 1 x 52 ts third trawl winch
2 x 15 ts gilson winches
4 x 10-12 ts sweepline winches
1 x net sounder winch, 2010
1 x 25 ts net drum (split), 2010
1 x ABAS CRANE: 5T SWL 1,9M – 13M. Main overhauled in 2017, new cogwheel/gear for swing.
1 x 12 ts outhaul winch (new 2001) 1 x dumping winch
1 x anchor winch 1 x drum (storage)
1 x 11 ts winch located next to the sweepline winches

Further technical information:
Split trawl winches: Brattvaag type split trawl winches with single motor, 3600 m of 28 mm wire, new 2005.
Third trawl winch with double motor for 2800 m/30 mm wire, installed 2001. Presently use wire of 28 mm/2200 m (wire is new).
NB.: The split trawl winches are believed to be of 40 tons/each but cannot be guaranteed.

Trawl gallows strengthened.
2 x double trawl lanes strengthened - aft ship deck renewed.

1 x gilson mast
2 x hatches on deck for fish ponds

Elektronikk1 x Olex plotter
1 x Sodena plotter 1 x Maxsea plotter
1 x radar Furuno FAR-2137S, new 2017
1 x Koden 3 cm type MDC 2910p, new April 2013 1 x Echo sounder Simrad ES 70 (new 2007)
1 x Echo sounder ES 500 mod. 1986)
1 x Doppler log, Kajo KDG -300, new 2011
1 x KAJO High freq. Sonar KCH 3180, installed 2011, not new, but upgraded 1 x Winch control system: Scantrol ISYM, installed 2009
1 x SCANBAS, installed 2011, Sensors: catch 2 pcs , Door, temp, distance. 1 x Furuno SSB radiotelephone0560 (new 2012)
1 x JRC GPS compass 3D dynamic sensor. New 2012 3 x GSM telephones, Iridium sat telephone Scanti.
2 x VHF radiotelephone DSC Scanti and two sailor (not DSC) 3 x Furuno GPS
Scanmar system Nw scanner, 2017

1 x Simrad ES 60 Echo sounder (used on same monitor as ES 70). Both cannot be used at the same time.
1 x Sea-tel satelite TV antenna 2 x Sailor VHF excl. DSC
2 x Sailor VHF incl. DSC (new 2017 and 2016) 1 x Furuno Inmarsat-c Felcom 18 (new 2017) 1 x Gyro, Simrad GC80 (new 2017)
2 x door sensors, with angle, tempeature, depth, etc., Scanmar 2 x catch sensors, Scanmar
1 x symmetrical sensor, Scanmar 2 x grid sensors, Scanmar
2 x GSM phones 1 x Iridium phone ECDIS
Wireless internet / communication system, 2014.
9 x vertical plate freezers Plant make MMC Ammonia, 2010.
Freezing capacity abt. 70 ts/24 hrs. of h/g fish.
Freezing capacity abt. 50-60 ts/24 hrs. of industrial shrimps. Compressor capacity for freezing abt. 75 tons/24 hrs.

1 x Baader 415 h/g new 2004,
2 x Baader 444 new 2005, 1 x
Marell grader 2005, 2 x VELFAG M500i with vac. suction, Optimar factory new 2006.
For Cod, Saithe, Red-fish, h/g. 1 x line for industrial shrimps.
Vessel was previously also rigged for filleting but the filleting machines have been removed and are not available.

InnredningFor 29 pers., 11x2, 11x1, all with own bath/WC
Accommodation, galley and messroom renewed/upgraded in 2013.
Tidligere navnGranit 2005
Diverse opplysningerKeel laid: 1986-01-13 Date of build: 1986-11-19.

Height in factory area 2.9 m 1 x work shop

Start air compressors: 1 x new in 2018 and 1 x complete reconditioned.

Levering: Tidligst høsten 2020.
PrisantydningVennligst kontakt vårt kontor.

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